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Planning Is Our Purpose.

As fee-only, fiduciary advisors, we craft customized wealth management strategies tailored to your unique needs and priorities so you can live your best life with freedom and confidence.

Experience the difference of an advisory team that puts your interests first with Aspen Wealth Management.

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You Are Unique and You Deserve a Unique, Fee-Only Solution

Each of our clients has a unique situation that requires a unique financial solution. We do not believe in collecting commissions on the investments that our clients make. As a fee-only provider, we have a fiduciary duty to our clients, meaning our only goal is to serve your best interests.

Financial Planning

Our financial planning process aggregates the moving pieces of your finances and aligns them with your personal values and goals.

Retirement Planning

With our retirement planning approach, we prioritize your goals and utilize time-tested strategies to achieve those goals.

Financial Planning for Women

We help single, widowed, and divorced women face today’s challenges while setting and working toward their goals for the future. 

Investment Management

The core of our investment philosophy is a disciplined approach, regardless of market conditions.

Tax Planning

Our tax strategies are tailored to your financial goals and designed to minimize liabilities.

Insurance Planning

Secure your family’s future with our insurance planning services, tailored to protect you against property, liability, life, disability, and long-term care risks.

Estate Planning

Plan for the future of your loved ones with our estate planning services, ensuring your wishes are met through gifting strategies, asset protection, and legacy planning.

Exit Planning

Maximize the value of your business and secure your retirement with our exit planning services, guiding savvy business owners through strategic transitions for a successful and fulfilling exit.


A Financial Team That Cares

Every member of our team focuses on making our clients and their families feel comfortable when discussing financial decisions that can potentially be stressful and could have a great impact on their lives.

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A Trustworthy Partner

Who We Help

Nearing Retirement Couples

Are you looking for direction to secure your financial future? We are here to provide the support and guidance you need to move forward with clarity and confidence.

Multi-Generational Families

Do you have a high level of financial complexity? We serve as a concierge for all of your financial and estate planning needs.

Building an Intentional Foundation

Are you seeking a trusted guide early in your financial journey? We work with couples and families like yours who are looking for a partner and coach to help navigate their financial complexities. 


Expertise & Guidance


Open and Honest Discussions

We take the time to understand your personal and financial circumstances as well as identify any goals you may have.


Creating a Financial Picture

Once we have gathered your information, we will integrate your financial pieces into a comprehensive plan that maximizes your potential for meeting your life goals.


Having a Plan in Place

We present the plan to you and go over each of our recommendations. Your feedback is encouraged, and we can make any changes to the plan, if needed.


Making your Goals a Reality

After making sure each piece of the plan is in place, we continue to monitor your progress. We will keep in touch with you on any significant life changes that may impact your financial plan.


Answers to Your Pressing Questions

At Aspen Wealth, we believe in transparency. This FAQ section is here to address some of your most common questions. 

Fee-only advisors get paid for the advice and guidance they provide. We are compensated directly by our clients rather than on commissions or kickbacks. We do not sell products, nor do we accept any other form of third-party compensation. For example, we may advise on your insurance needs through a financial planning process, but because residuals and commissions are fees built into insurance products, we would bring in a trusted resource to help with the policy. We work alongside our clients to ensure their best interests are served.

An integrated plan involves a thorough review of your investments, risk tolerance, insurance needs, cash flow and debt management, education planning, employee benefits review, tax planning, retirement planning, and estate planning. If you’ve never gone through a financial planning process before, it can seem overwhelming to address all these items at one time. However, once your plan is finished, you will feel very organized and have a solid understanding of your financial picture.

No. We have clients all over the United States and even a few that work overseas. We can meet with you via telephone or video conference.

During our initial consultation, we will have a good idea of the amount of time required to build your financial plan based on the simplicity or complexity of your situation.

For individuals or couples mid-career to retirement, our minimum planning fee is $4,500. If we sense that we will need additional time, we will let you know upfront, and those hourly fees are $300 per hour. If you decide that you would like for Aspen to assist in implementing your financial plan and managing your investments, you will transition to our assets under management fee schedule, and we will credit you for any planning fees you have paid.

For individuals or couples under 40, we work on a straight, hourly basis at $300 per hour. Young professionals also receive a discount on our investment management fees with no investment minimums.

We believe that investments are a way to achieve your goals. We believe that markets will work for you over time if you are cost-effective and hold a quality, well-diversified portfolio. The foundation for your portfolio is your financial plan.

There are many who believe that market timing, stock picking, or using expensive programs that use options are a sure thing. There is no free lunch in the markets. Timing the market isn’t only impossible; it’s costly.

We primarily serve nearing retirement couples, multi-generational families, and young families who are building an intentional foundation. You can learn more about who we serve.


Discover how we’ll clearly define your vision

Our fee-only, non-commission approach means we have your best interests in mind.

Certified Financial Planners

Aspen Wealth Management employs only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certificants, which means we have the experience and knowledge to effectively plan your financial future.

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