Widow & Divorcees

While you may have assets, perhaps you didn’t fully participate in the investment decisions and tax filings. You were focused on managing your household and raising your family. Now you are currently unsure how to manage your cash flow and your portfolio and would appreciate support and guidance. You also would appreciate a helping hand to assist with reviewing your estate plan as well as your insurance.

Successful Professional

You feel challenged by how to prioritize cash flow to a variety of competing goals such as investing, house, college savings, cars, travel, and friends. At times, you experience frustration over your annual tax bill, seeing you pay more in taxes than you bring home to enjoy. Concentrated positions of company stock bring unique considerations. You aren’t certain that you are maximizing your employee benefit opportunities. You need help identifying gaps in life as well as help with estate planning.

Emerging Retiree

You are concerned that your savings won’t sustain you throughout your retirement, especially if you need to support other family members. You need help understanding how to turn a lifetime of savings into an income stream in a tax-effective way. You wish to have someone guide you in your pension and social security options so you can feel comfortable with such permanent decisions. You need a comprehensive plan to make certain all the bases are covered before stopping earned income.

Small Business Owner

You wish to maximize your earnings without losing it all to taxes. You need help deciding on a retirement plan for yourself and your employees to both save money and improve employee retention. You want help in monetizing the wealth created inside your enterprise. Life isn’t all about work—you want to make certain your family and your company are protected in the event of your untimely death or disability.

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