Investment Planning

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Most financial advisors are salespeople, and collecting assets is how they meet their sales goals. Aspen Wealth is an independent, fee-only firm. We are only compensated by our clients and do not receive commissions or incentives. The most fundamental task we tackle with you is aligning your goals and objectives with your investment plan. We do not invest your money without an intimate understanding of your financial background and concerns.


A Focused Approach

The core of our investment philosophy is a disciplined approach, regardless of market conditions. Our strategy is research-driven and goal-based to engineer your portfolio’s long-term success. Once your financial plan is built, we recommend an asset allocation and manage your account positions. If necessary, we can coordinate with your in-company retirement plans.

The Best Plan for You

We spend a great amount of time constructing your financial plan, understanding your objectives, and measuring your tolerance for risk. All these factors drive your asset allocation and investment plan. As your needs change in life, we will be ready to adjust the strategy for you.


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