Financial Planning

Aspen Wealth Management is proud to work with all kinds of clients, believing that all people deserve quality financial planning without the fear of being sold a product.  We strive to help clients understand their circumstances and make wise financial decisions regarding their resources. For those not located in the DFW area, we work through online meetings and are able to collaborate effectively.

Aspen has two distinct service models in order to deliver an experience to clients specific to their circumstances and life stage.

Comprehensive Wealth Management Solution

This solution works best for families who have accumulated assets and are nearing or have entered retirement. We help our clients coordinate taxes, insurances, health care plans, estate plans as well as offer generational wealth transfer and charitable planning advice. A full financial plan is created that is based on your unique set of circumstances and goals. Our firm is unique as a fee-only planner, which means that we employ a fiduciary standard, requiring that we place our clients' interests in front of our own. This is different from the broker's suitability standard, which means that an investment only needs to be suitable for a client and may involve a commission being paid. Aspen has access to a vetted network of professionals to help our clients with the implementation of their plans. The investment policy for your portfolio is plan-based both on your risk tolerance and your objectives. To read more about the ways we provide value for our wealth management clients, please click here. The cost of our services in this model is based on the amount of assets we manage.  Our minimum investment for new clients is $500,000.  The only exceptions are for clients who are looking to consistently save to build wealth over the long-term or for children of our existing wealth management families.  

Holistic Financial Planning Solution

Our financial planning arrangement is the first step in any engagement. We perform a broad assessment and concrete guidance that addresses client concerns. We also identify overlooked opportunities and pitfalls. Often, clients have questions about employee benefits, taxes, 401(k) allocations, insurance needs, retirement solutions, and balancing savings for multiple priorities. The initial minimum planning fee is $3,250 and the plan is implemented by the client.  Families with additional complexity may have larger planning fees, but that will be determined in our introductory meeting.  Meetings can be virtual or in person. Clients have unlimited on-line access to our customized cash management system.

Contact us to learn more about how Aspen Wealth Management may be able to help you. Our clients who go through our planning process feel more confident, prepared and empowered about their financial futures.