About Us

All people deserve quality financial planning

Aspen Wealth Management is an independent, fee-only financial planning firm based in Fort Worth, Texas. Our mission is to inspire clients to make informed financial decisions through education, communication, and service, all of which exceed their expectations. We take the time to listen to you and fully understand your goals so that we can help you develop and implement a financial plan and investment strategy tailored to you. We are committed to providing individuals and families with personalized guidance on all aspects of their financial lives.

Aspen Wealth Management is a fee-only firm, which means we do not work on commissions. This allows us to remain completely free of conflicts of interest. We have a fiduciary duty to put clients’ needs first. Our fee-only structure ensures objectivity. Clients who go through our financial planning process feel confident, prepared, and empowered about their financial futures.

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Our Goals

Providing you with peace of mind

Our primary goal is to give our clients peace of mind and clear direction. We do this first by understanding what is important to each individual client, their individual vision for the future, and their current situation. We then build a financial plan and roadmap which puts them on the path to achieving their goals. By regularly monitoring each client’s progress, we are able to help with any future changes that come their way. Our clients have the confidence in knowing that they have a professional team working in their best interests.


Customizing your path

Every member of our team focuses on making our clients
and their families feel comfortable when discussing financial decisions that can be stressful and have a great impact on their lives.

Open and Honest

We take the time to understand your personal and financial circumstances as well as identify any goals you may have.

Creating your Financial

Once we have gathered all of the information necessary, we start to integrate all of your financial pieces into a comprehensive plan that maximizes your potential for meeting your life goals.

Having a Plan
in Place

We present the plan to you and go over each of our recommendations. Your feedback is encouraged, and we can make any changes to the plan, if needed.

Making your Goals a Reality

After making sure each piece of the plan is in place, we continue to monitor your progress. We rely on you to keep us up to date on any significant life changes that may impact your financial plan.

Our fee-only, non-commission approach means we have your best interests in mind.

Certified Financial Planners

Aspen Wealth Management employs only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certificants, which means we have the experience and knowledge to effectively plan your financial future.


Start your course towards financial freedom and stability


Meeting you where you are in your life.

Our clients tend to find us when they are in a stage of transition such as retirement, death of a loved one, divorce, children, or job change. Often, this life-changing event impacts multiple parts of their financial lives such as tax, retirement, estate, investments, and risk management. Such a life-changing event can make their financial needs overwhelming. We are here to help you integrate all of these pieces into one comprehensive financial plan that guides you to financial security.


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