Wealth Management

Once a family's goals have been established and the plan has been built around those objectives, the work begins to implement the plan.  The services we provide to our wealth management clients are varied, depending on each family's situation.  In a nutshell, here are some of the ways we benefit our clients:

Investment Management:

  • Assessment of goals and objectives
  • Goal alignment with investment plan
  • Asset allocation
  • In-depth tolerance analysis
  • Managing account positions and coordination with in-company retirement plan accounts
  • Portfolio rebalancing

Cash Flow and Debt Management:

  • Budget assistance if needed
  • Home "rightsizing" assistance
  • Payoff strategies
  • Technology to manage cash flow toward goals if desired

Employment Benefit Analysis:

  • Company benefit recommendations
  • Retirement plan design for business owners
  • Complex plan consultation
  • Tax strategies for RSUs and options

Trust and Estate Planning:

  • Asset preservation & protection strategies
  • Education on trusts and other estate documents
  • Estate plan design
  • Generational education if desired
  • Referrals to attorney specialists if needed

Tax Strategy:

  • Coordination with tax advisor
  • Formal review of tax return
  • Retirement plan account mix strategy
  • Tax efficiency planning for investments
  • Withholding analysis
  • Tax projections
  • Tax preparation under separate agreement

Insurance Analysis:

  • Coverage analysis for life, disability
  • Annuity review and recommendations, if needed
  • Long term care needs analysis and recommendations
  • Referrals to specialists when needed

Retirement Planning:

  • Account aggregation
  • Cash flow forecasting and withdrawal rate tracking
  • Digital document storage
  • Transition planning
  • Long-term care planning 
  • Pension benefit election analysis
  • Social security benefit analysis
  • Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) assistance
  • Referrals to allied professionals for health coverage assistance, if desired