Holiday Greeting – 10 Reasons Moms are Important


Mother’s Day is almost here! We all have moms and, whether they gave birth to us or not, they have helped us become the people we are today. Here are 10 reasons moms are so important, adapted from Psychology Today:1

1. She gave birth to you.
2. She provided essential emotional support.
3. She helped you heal physically and emotionally.
4. She strived to give you a better life.
5. She can be forgiving, and so can you.
6. She supports your dreams and aspirations.
7. She set boundaries, even when you resisted, and taught you to set them.
8. She has known you all your life, through the up and down times.
9. She made you do your homework.
10. Her smile can make your day a whole lot better.

Mother’s Day only comes once a year. Make it special. Show the mothers in your life you care by acknowledging their value. Do it in a way they’ll appreciate – in person or with a handwritten note or gift.2

We appreciate the trust you have in us and will continue to work hard to help you live life to its fullest.

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