Exit Planning

Savvy business owners have a solid exit plan.

The majority of American business owners are nearing retirement age, but only a small percentage of businesses put up for sale actually sell. Unplanned events can also force an owner into an exit that isn’t on their terms or timeline. When a business goes to market with no final return after years of investing time, money, and hard work, this leaves the owner with limited options to draw wealth from the value created and limited possibilities to pass economic continuity along to the next generation.

But when you have a plan in place that prepares the business for your exit and transition, the business becomes more attractive and valuable to buyers. Solid exit planning is not just a plan; it’s a good business strategy, focusing on growing value, expanding your options, and helping you transition the business whenever you’re ready—on your terms—leaving you with a personal action plan for a happy exit from your business that will meet your goals.


Having a plan in place

Who is helping you navigate the exit planning process?
A Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) can help you implement a process that maximizes your business value, aligns your business plan with your personal financial planning, and prepares you for life after your business exit.

With a CEPA, you can discover exactly what your exit options are, understand the value your business currently holds, learn how to improve your business value, take steps to fortify your personal finances, and identify what actions you need to prioritize now.
You will get specialized support to meet your unique needs from a certified professional who is trained to holistically serve your needs, accelerate the value of your business, and support positive change in your life.

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